ESSAY: The Hypothetical Problem with Education

The world holds our education system with admiration, but internally there’s been a lot discussion as to whether the education system leads to growth or destruction. Good things always start off good and I believe that the education system did start off good. But in our quest to outdo the next generation, we cram in more subjects and lessons and tuitions and remedial. We ambitiously start teaching physics at a younger age, move secondary school syllabus to primary school and send babies to classes in hopes to force high level intelligence early on. When students ache and break over the intensity of their student life, we just brush it off and say the strong will survive. 


At the same time, our obsession with productivity in the working world leads to teachers taking on more admin work, going for more trainings, taking up CCA responsibilities, running events and catching up with lesson plans. Leaving scraps of time for correction of bad behaviour or to encourage a student when they face failure or to build perseverance and problem solving skills when they can’t get the answer they need and to inspire curiosity. Time to pass on these real lessons that carry you further in life than textbooks are squashed with the relentless rush and when these students finish school, there is little time left at home for the parents to take on this much needed education. All these chasing and we forget to teach the very thing that builds a strong nation - generations strong in character and filled with wisdom.


“Teach only knowledge;
and you get knowledgeable fools.”

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