Top 30 Under 30.
Most Influential. 
Successful and Stylish. 
Those who have it all…
And then…the rest of us.

The thing is, I am reaching 30 this year. So there goes my chance of ever being on Forbes list of 30 Under 30. Haha. (Which I keep getting reminded over and over because I subscribed to the Forbes Youtube Channel. Argh, stop it already!! You’re making me feel discouraged, not inspired.) Whatever. Pfftt…I don’t care.

Actually…to be honest I do think I really really don’t care. When I was in a more ambitious setting, where the situation around me chased after things that I couldn’t marry. Deep down in my soul, I knew I was not happy. I knew this was not what brought me joy.

I wanted to put my time into pursuing the purpose that was set in my heart. But I knew it would grant me little monetary gain, no title and…well, what world stage or media junket really cares what I do anyway? But sometimes, I glance into that world again and I wonder if I’m losing out. If I actually should be on that path. I wonder if I should actually care about such stuff. It’s shiny and exciting and it honestly sounds good. But I know there’s a reason why I’m on the path I am. That although it comes without the crowns and glory, it is filled with a sense of purpose that I need to fulfil. 

This article became a timely reminder when I started questioning myself again. (read article)

“Your truth is a compass that points me back north.” 
- CAPTAIN Hillsongs