The Voyage Episode #4: Surviving The CNY Questions & Redefining Failure.

So I don't get annoying questions that badly to be honest. I think I used to a lot more, but the people around me are used to the fact that I run my own business already, so it's nothing new to be apprehensive about haha. But I think there are other people who have it worse if not there wouldn't be so many articles on the internet about how to answer Chinese New Year questions.

This week's episode was inspired by a friend of mine who shared publicly on social media about her "failure" in the creative industry. This courage to openly talk about it and then to restart again really inspired me. The over glossy version of success as seen in the media is a little bit bland. The way they write make their subjects seem like super-humans. But reading the struggles on personal platforms of people who fall and then watching them pick themselves up again is what encourages me. Their courage is contagious, their resilience uplifting. 

In this podcast session, we break down why we hate the "CNY questions" so much and talk about what failure really means and to look at it from a different lens. We also take a look at the intention behind the quest for success and that being intentional of what you want out of life and not what other people tell you to want out of life affects the decisions you make in life and ultimately affects whether or not the results of your quest for a particular kind of success will bring you fulfilment and joy.

How to set your own yard stick for success?

1. Identify your purpose in life or what you want out of life? 
Or what kind of impact you want from your life? It helps to write what you wish would be said of you at your funeral. Then work your way backwards from that.

2. Understand your value system. What are your values?
What are the principles or values in life that you feel very strongly about. Knowing your values help you to make the right decisions when you reach a fork in the road.

3. What makes you happy? What moments do you feel fulfilled?
Identifying the moments where you felt happiest and then breaking down why you enjoyed those moments will help you to identify the things you should truly value in life. Many times you will be told what to value, and our eyes often lust after pretty shiny things that are not in line with what actually makes us the most happiest but knowing what makes you most fulfilled helps you to withstand temptations to veer from your path.

Book Mentioned:
How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins (click / available in library)