who would i be?


Shot & Scripted by Nicole T. | Produced by Angela | Styling by Zafirah | Model, Amanda


If I could start afresh, 
Who would I be? 
I would pursue curiosity without shyness nor fear
Learn the story of that lady down the street, 
Try an exotic flavour
Marvel at nature
That’s who I’ll be.

I would love with no fear
Cherish each connection
Embrace with no restraint
Love from an abundance

I would seize the chance to stand still
Experience fully each second of my days. 
To not just live but be alive
And remind my soul to breathe.

The strength to be meek
The grace to accept
The fight through struggles
The joyous resounds
Every new day
The morn dew
The glow of dawn
A choice, a gift, a new song

Who would I be?
I would be me.
That’s who I’ll be.
So be free.

#befree #startsomewhere