the first words.

They always say, just write. 
You want to be a writer? Just write. 
But what the hell do I write about? How do writers find the topic that they want to talk about. All I have is just my life and experiences. So I guess those will just have to do. Find a topic to write and write every day. I fear even writing every day is too ambitious. In our fast paced society, finding an hour of pure solitude feels like trying to attain the sweetest honey that drips like pure gold in the midst of a concrete jungle. A relentless thirst for calm and quietness that I cannot quench because of the resounding noise of work, social commitments and too many wants and demands disguised as needs. There never seems to be enough time.  

But I feel like I need to do it. I need to write. 
For the sake of my sanity, I feel I must do it. So write everyday?
I’ll try…

Nicole ThenComment