just married


So I haven’t done my writing assignment for today and the hubby was like “Why don’t you just watch your Vloggers first?” and I was like “Great idea!”. If you haven’t heard, I’m obsessed with AndymetSonia’s youtube channel where they VLOG about their daily lives.

And in today’s VLOG, Sonia mentioned how they just had a huge argument before getting into the car and shared how their marriage was not all “perfect” and that marriage is something you have to work your way through to make a beautiful cake; that you don’t start with a beautiful cake already made. 

Which is totally apt because right now I’m editing the video for our upcoming video podcast which is all about marriage and relationships. We try to talk as candidly as we can about dating, the wedding and married life. In fact, I almost think it’s crucial for couples to laugh and joke about their arguments and to see it in hindsight with a little bit of humour. 

Humour. It goes a long way in relationships.
That willingness and ok-ness to laugh at yourself? Pure gold.