if no one

If no one read it,
Would you still write?
If no one published it,
Would you still type?

If no one knew where you went today,
Would you still go?
If you told no one what you ate,
Would it still be so?

We live in a world where choices are made
On their ability to showcase on a 1:1*

“Can it garner the likes
Or gather the wows
Will it make them burrow in jealous frowns
Of where I went
Of what I ate
Of what I did today

The world’s my oyester
I’m a wanderlust-er
I should be given a crown”

I pity the fool
Who’s life only feels good
When it can go up on social

For the life it leads
The paths it seeks
Are not for themselves, 
But for “other people”. 


Author’s Note: Sometimes we fall prey to the kaleidoscopic lure of making our social media portray the fantasy we so badly want our lives to look like. So much so that we end up making decisions on what to eat, what to wear or what to do all based on it’s ability to look good on Instagram (*1:1 - the instagram sqaure ratio). Let your social media serve you, not the other way around ;) Cheers to being the masters of our own lives haha #befree!!