the beauty bar

Recently I did these mood boards for different "sectors" of my life. Yup, I'm kind of weird in that way. I needed to distill what I wanted for each area of my life so that when life happens and it gets chaotic, I have a "vision board" to come back to and it saves me time from having internal battles with myself about whether I should buy certain beauty products or which mornings or events I need to spend time getting dolled up. It'll make more sense when I show you my other moodboards. But here's the beauty make up routine I have been adhering to.

Beauty Routine
This routine allows me to get ready really quickly in the morning. Well, it's pretty obvious seeing that there are so little products in the routine. This gives me time for other things that make me happy in life, like making a good healthy breakfast with the hubby, journalling or having a good stretch.

  1. Naturally I start with a clean face, I use this Chanel cleanser and yes it's a huge splurge but I like how it feels, you only need such a tiny squeeze and it lasts forever.
  2. Then I mix my moisturiser with this pale pink CC Cream from Bobbi Brown and just slather it on my face like how I would do with a moisturiser. I love that I don't really have to think while I do this step. If it's a non-work kind of day, I really just skip this step. Although I should probably get a good sunblock for just all around use. 
  3. Oh if I haven't been getting enough sleep, I use my ZA concealer under my eyes. I've used it for years and the texture and colour seems to work really well for me, so why change it? But most of the time I prefer to solve eye bags with MORE sleep.
  4. I let all the moisture soak in, then I just dust on some bronzer and draw in my brows. DONE!
  5. If I need to look more put together for work or an event I'll swipe on some lipstick. I've been loving this colour of late from Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in blushed pink. It's very natural looking.

Of late I've been skipping eyeliner. Because for one, I really hate having to remove it at the end of the day. The joy I get from being able to remove my make up so quickly and hop into the hot shower is so fulfilling and addictive that I've totally neglected my eyeliner pencil.

Oh and I cut my own hair. It saves a lot of time for me and I actually really like my own hair cut haha. Of course, it might not work with all kinds of hair. 

I wore a lot of make up when I was younger but I find that recently, I actually prefer how I look with much lesser make up on and I'm totally ok without make up. Being able to accept how you look without an onslaught of make up on is actually very liberating. In fact, it also helps me to be able to continue to see the beauty in my fellow girlfriends when they too remove their make up. It's something we can get used to. 

And I think with all the gloss and photoshop we have allowed ourselves to be exposed to, being comfortable and accepting and in fact being able to celebrate how we are naturally to me is the secret to beauty. When we learn how to see ourselves as how God sees us -"The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7A - we allow our true essence and beauty to shine through. That is where true confidence comes from!