The Voyage #7 - Excuses & Achievements.


1. Stop making excuses or complaining. 
First it is counterproductive and it’s a really bad habit. Instead of wasting time and effort on making excuses and complaining, use that energy to come up with alternative solutions to solve your problem or work around your problem. 

2. Be willing to give up something.
Many people want to own their business and be their own boss but it is just wishful thinking. They don’t want to give up TV time, they don’t want to be disciplined in their expenses, they are unwilling to give up that title and prestige. But this also shows how much you really want something. If you really want it, then sacrifice often comes as part of the journey.

3. Be faithful in the little things.
Nobody becomes a master overnight. David Beckham had to practice his free kicks before and after the trainings, Annie Lebovitz had to take her first 10,000 sucky shots and Steve Jobs had to sell his first motherboard to a small time electrical store.