The Voyage #6 - Dealing with Disappointments

I wanted to share with you guys a huge disappointment I felt and being under pressure to perform while feeling down and when your confidence has taken a beating. Have you guys felt this way too?

In this episode, I break down and dissect some possible tools to equip us when we face such circumstances. That though we face obstacles and trials in our journey, at least our backpack is filled with the tools we need to overcome these hurdles.


  1. Analyse your feelings. 
    This helps you understand yourself and why you feel what you feel. Many times we don't take enough time to get to truly know ourselves. 
  2. Deposit into your backpack of inspirations.
    Don't wait until you need an inspiring story to start looking for it. Store up in your heart or web bookmark the stories that inspire you to persevere and keep going.
  3. It's ok to lean on a friend.
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