Instructors: Chee Min & Sai Khim | Upcoming course: 9-11 October 2015
The Marriage Preparation Course is for any engaged couple who wants to develop foundations
for a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.

What is It?

Over five evenings spent together you will learn important tools that will enable you to make your marriage work.

You will look at

  • the importance of commitment

  • how to recognise and appreciate your differences

  • the art of communication

  • resolving conflict

  • spending time together

  • nurturing your friendship

  • making each other feel loved

  • developing a good sexual relationship

  • the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

The evenings are very relaxed. There is a meal followed by short talks interspersed with exercises and questions for you to discuss together as a couple.

The pre-marriage course is an affiliation of Wunder Explore. 

"When two people come together, it's a miracle. It's not easy to find someone complimentary for you. I highly encourage people to come for this course.

Topics like communication, love languages, conflict resolution gave us a snapshot of what a marriage is like and meant to be."


"The lessons we learnt were very practical. How to handle finances, Family time,What we value most. There are really a lot of differences between us but we learnt to build on each other's strengths. Do sign up for the course because this is very crucial for a great marriage!"


Concepts were shared in a thorough fashion.  This was a nice way to see it organised together. The enforced time was good for us to sit, think and discuss.It was needed time for us to focus on the marriage and the wedding."
And the food is great as well!


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