Modern Mom DocuSeries - Project Write Up

Modern Mom "The great dilemma of motherhood in a modern society."

About the DocuSeries
With a rise of a new generation of moms and would-be moms who are well educated and have established careers coming into motherhood, questions on whether a mom should stay at home or continue her career is the topic of exploration in this documentary series filmed & directed by the Wunder Explore crew, Nicole & Ken. (

The DocuSeries will follow Nicole on her search as she too considers becoming a mother and what it means for her career and what are the possibilities and options out there. On this journey we will be interviewing and shadowing mothers who have chosen very different styles of motherhood and will be having some real honest discussions about the struggles and the sacrifices they have to make while trying to find what fits best for themselves and their families. Together with this portfolio of mothers, we also want to hear from the experts, people who are in the family "industry", writers who have commented on the subject of motherhood as well as ministers or industry leaders on their take on balancing policies that tread a delicate line between pro-economy versus pro-family.


Topics we hope to cover in this DocuSeries

(Subject to change depending on how our investigation takes us and also open to suggestions from community of what is the burden of their hearts.)

  • The reality of Motherhood and the Working Mother Debunking myths portrayed by "Hollywood", Magazines and Mommy Blogs.
  • Mom at Work - We find out what it really means to be a working mother and how does a mother "do it all". On top of that we discuss the differences in work environments between the government and the private sector and how do pro-family policies and benefits fair in these environments.
  • Persons of Interests - "It takes a village to raise a child." So for this segment, we hope to interview the dads, the educators, the grandparents, the caregivers and policymakers who are involved in raising the next generation and find out what they think is needed to raise these little ones into good people.
  • Education & Childcare - Whether is it the money to bring a child through to University or the amounting stress of being a student or the cost of childcare, we explore the challenges and alternatives parents face in choosing or crafting the right environment of learning for their children.
  • Mumpreneurs - For the mothers who decide to venture out on their own, what is life really like? Does being an entrepreneur help facilitate being a mother or is it just as hard. We talk to mommy entrepreneurs to find out what their experience is like and what made them take the leap.
  • Full Time Moms - Highly educated and with good careers, full time mothers have made what may seem to be a "costly" sacrifice to stay at home with their kids. What were their considerations in choosing to be this involved in their children's life and their transition from career girl to full time mom.

How you can help or be involved?

The Modern Moms DocuSeries is a passion project, the series will be uploaded to our youtube channel ( with free viewing for all and hope that it will help shed light on a complex subject such as parenting and motherhood and also help parents (and the village involved) to form a community of support and let them know that in their struggles (and joys) that they are not alone. 

Filming, prepping and producing this DocuSeries is going to take hardwork and a lot a lot of time. We do not want to take this subject lightly and want to commit to the cause 100% and give it our best. Ken & Nicole will be devoting half of their working time to this documentary for the next 4 months. Your contribution will help to alleviate the finances and provide the allowance of time for the team to put in the time required for the project. Monetary funding for the project will go into:

  • Monetary allowance to the film and production crew for time for the preparation, marketing, production, filming and post processing of the film.
  • Transportation and rental of gear whenever necessary
  • Marketing collaterals such as name cards and flyers

Other ways to assist.
Even $1 goes a long way, but we understand that not everyone can have the financial capability to support this project in a form of money. Here are some other ways and we appreciate it wholeheartedly just as much!

  • Share this Indiegogo page ( [CURRENTLY CLOSED] or Facebook page with your friends! (
  • Be active on the facebook page, we want to hear your thoughts on the matter at hand. Like it, share it and comment.
  • Have a contact or would like to share your experience with us on this documentary? Please drop us an email at with the subject MODERN MOMS


What kind of an impact we hope the DocuSeries will have?

Parenting and motherhood is a complex subject and we hope that by shedding some light on this topic it will help the society and community to understand that what goes into raising a child is not just money. That people would be able to empathise better with parents and future parents and that it will lead to a positive impact in mindsets and influence policies and cultures and social norms. We also hope that even after our last episode, that a community will be formed to provide support and engagement and that whatever style of parenting or motherhood each individual has chosen, that instead of judgement, we will be able to understand that it is never going to be one-size-fits-all when it comes to motherhood.


The Crew

Here are the peeps involved in this DocuSeries.

1. Nicole Then (Director)
If you're wondering whether Nicole has had any experience directing a documentary before...the answer would be no. No doubt Nicole has directed and filmed many videos (Check out her portfolio here at or her photography at but this is her first time. Yes, she is nervous, but will no doubt put in 200% and is not afraid to fall and pick herself up again until she gets the quality of work she wants. Nicole has been running her own film and photography studio for almost 7 years and has served as Artistic Director in the last 2 years for online fashion boutique Love, Bonito and is currently doing Creative Consulting for the brand. Recently she started Wunder Explore, a non-traditional form of a school, with her husband Kenneth in hopes to help cultivate a sense of  life long learning and self-development with a spirit of wonder and adventure.

2. Kenneth Choong (Videographer & Sound Engineer)
Being the very supportive husband that he is, Kenneth or better known as Ken, understands the importance this project has to his wife and has agreed to help spear head this adventure. Other then doing a huge majority of the filming and sharing the bulk of the editing in this project, Ken also doubles up as the sound engineer and music director and helps Nicole find the most amazing selection of soundtracks for the documentary. Coming under the umbrella of the Wunder Explore brand, Ken believes that documentaries are another great form of learning and exploration and is in sync with the spirit of Wunder Explore. 

3. Alice Then (Producer & Social Issues Advisor)
Wrapping up her dissertation research work on "Gender Equity amongst Working Parents" and graduating with a MSc of Policy Studies,  Alice's discussion on her dissertation together with Nicole's dilemma on motherhood pretty much lit the match that kickstarted the idea of a documentary. With Alice's training and experience in research work, her contribution to the team has helped to put structure to the documentary to make it more well rounded and applicable. Alice will also be assisting in the production work such as liaising with our contacts and structuring interview questions among the many other things.