"First shot" workshop (CLOSED)

WORKSHOP: FIRST SHOT      TOPIC: BASICS IN DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY       DATE: 27 June 2015, Saturday     TIME: 2pm - 5pm    

Q: Do I have to bring along my own DSLR?
A: Yes. We will be having a bunch of hands on practicals for you to get familiar with your camera.

Q: What if I don’t have a DSLR, can I still attend the course?
A: Definitely. Wunder Explore will also provide a camera rental service. Signing up for the early bird special will allow you to rent a camera for the session at $25. Rental of camera after early bird special will be at $50.

Q: What sort of DSLR camera will I be issued with?
A: A basic DSLR model with kit lens will be rented to you.

Email any enquiries to > info@wundertv.co