The name "Company of the Brave" came about through a poem penned inspired by a friend who decided to make a drastic switch in career path and the feedback she got from the people around her who were doubtful and fearful that she was making the wrong choice.

you with that streak of courage
never let it fade
there will be those who
fidget with fright and fear
but never let it stray

they'll buzz around you
like bees to honey
they start to shout aloud

the fears that stayed knotted inside
that steal their joy
is projected inside out

they hope to share
that you too stay fearful
inside the safety
of safety's zone

and you’ll raise your brow
shake your head
but they won’t head your signs instead

they turn up the notch
and spell all kinds of doom
you’ll come back to the safety zone
they predict, yes very soon

they get upset
if you disagree
or don't take their advise with weight
they'd think it’s a sign of youthful rebellion
you're spoilt and stubborn they said

so though we resign to be misunderstood
but we stay true to the course that called us to
take comfort in the company of your fellow brave
that though we too doubted and fear
we still venture ahead 

Commercial and fashion photography was something I did on the side for years and along the way I picked up graphic design and dabbled in videography. Ken, my business partner and also my husband, one day suggested that we compile all the corporate work we've done and put it together and create a corporate arm of our photography and film studio and thus THE COMPANY OF THE BRAVE

Ken and I are of quite different personalities and I have come to truly appreciate what he has brought to the business. For many years that I ran the studio alone, Ken has always been a silent partner working through issues together. A few years back, I asked Ken if we as a couple would like to go into business together and the stars aligned and the timing was perfect and he, usually someone who takes little risk, said yes.